For a limited time, Wilderness Village is offering a short term membership with all the usage privileges of a regular membership.




Special Summer Trial Membership Offer for only $1'200.00 plus GST

What does this provide?

  • 50% of the fee can be applied to a full membership purchase if bought during the same year!

  • RV camping with 24 hour access anytime from the May 2nd through to and including October 1st.

  • RV storage.

  • Complimentary use of all Pools and Hot Tubs.

  • Free Firewood

  • Free power and water on site.

  • ATV staging area.

  • Participation in all recreation programs.

  • valid from May 2nd - October 1st



Special Winter Trial Membership Offer for only

$500.00 plus GST

What does this provide?

  • All RV camping fees.

  • Plowed access to your site.

  • Site power.

  • Complimentary use of Hot Tubs.

  • Heated washroom and shower facilities.

  • Day lodge.

  • Free firewood.

  • Ski-doo staging area.

  • 24 hour access.

  • valid from October 2nd - May 1st (that's nearly 7 months!)

      Get your application form here  

Skating rink

Please note: This offer may be discontinued without notice and all participants will be subject to all the rules and policies of Wilderness Village Campground Association. Acceptance in this Trial Membership program will not necessarily guarantee acceptance to full membership at a later date. All applicants will be subject to the approval of Wilderness Village management.