With the continuation of the COVID-19 virus into 2021, we are doing our best to ensure your safety in accordance with Provincial & Federal guidelines. The rules and regulations regarding the COVID-19 virus pandemic are changing very frequently, so make sure your information regarding the rules & regulations are up to date. It’s up to you to adhere to all Government guidelines regarding COVID-19 within our resort in order to keep one another safe.

This year, we hope to offer a full range of amenities- but that may be somewhat impacted by any rules & regulations placed upon these amenities.

To give you a bit of an idea, in the 2020 summer season we were able to offer:

  • Our two pools (with a limit of 100 persons at the large pool and 50 persons at the small pool)
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Our Washrooms, Outhouses, and Showering Facilities
  • Playground & BMX track
  • Trail rides & Zoo
  • Cabins & Campsite rentals
  • Towing & Honey wagon (dump) services
  • Store & Concession (with limited numbers allowed in at one time)
  • Firewood

We were not able to offer:

  • Hot tubs
  • Recreational Programs like the Fun Shack, Bingos, the Arcade, the farmers Markets, the Sylvester Carnival, Pancake Breakfasts & Pub Nights

In the 2021 season we hope to offer more amenities, provided the regulations & guidelines are not impeding that. It may also be similar to the amenities we had to offer in 2020.

We have posted signs throughout the campground to remind campers about physical distancing and rules of hygiene that have been issued by the Alberta Government. We urge all campers to adhere to these rules so that we do not jeopardize our ability to remain open. Do not enter areas where our employees work- such as the maintenance & housekeeping areas and please keep your distance from our staff when they are out in the campground. Please watch for signage indicating Office hours which may change somewhat this season. AHS Inspectors will most likely be inspecting our campground looking for violations. If we come across significant non-compliance of AHS recommendations we will take the appropriate actions. All campers will need to make wise decisions in this regard. We should be able to expect absolute compliance without having to remind people about what is proper behavior during this time.

We want to keep everyone at Wilderness Village safe.  Most importantly, we ask everyone to be patient and understanding because there are better days ahead.  


Wilderness Village