Site Pricing Overview

What's included in your site fee (No additional charges)

  • Site with 30 amp power & a water hook-up
  • Private picnic tables
  • Private fire pit
  • Firewood
  • Washroom and Showering facilities
  • Access to our 2 pools and 3 hot tubs
  • Access to two dump stations
  • Pets are permitted (but must be leashed & cleaned up after
  • Petting zoo is free to everyone! (Only available Mid May-Mid Sept)
  • During the summer season (July and August) we have a fun shack department where kids can do crafts and play games
  • Playground, Ballfield, Basketball court, Volleyball area
  • BMX track
  • Off leash Dog park
  • What's available for a bit extra?

    • Wilderness Village store on site- for yummy icecream & other goodies (Open Mid May to Early September)
    • Trail riding available on premises (Available Mid May to Mid September)
    • Laundry machines (Washers & Dryers- 2 loonies per load)
    • Honey run services (portable sewer truck, must be booked the day before you need it- by 4pm)
Please review our Resort rules
  • Popular
  • Public
  • $95+GST
  • /night per RV
  • Up to 8 persons on site
  • Add a Tent - Additional $15+GST/night
  • Additional Vehicle - $5+GST/night
  • Member Guest Shared Site
  • $65+GST
  • /night per RV
  • Available When Member Present
  • RV Parked on Invitors site
  • Additional Vehicle - $5+GST/night
Guest Visits- Sites
Wilderness Village welcomes non-Members to access the Resort for nightly camping, however there are some restrictions. We reserve all sites on long weekends from May through September for our full and season pass members only. Thresholds are established to allow pre-determined numbers of the public in to camp and reservations are always subject to availability.

We do not reserve specific sites for our Members or for the public and both choose their own sites upon arrival. All our sites can accommodate almost any RV size. Site lengths start at 13m (43ft) up to 36m (120ft).

The current nightly cost per RV is $95.00 plus GST with a limit of 8 persons allowed. Please note that a maximum of two RV units are permitted on one site and each one pays the nightly fee. Tents are an additional charge of $15 + GST. Any additional vehicles, boat trailers, or quad trailers coming into the resort is a $5 + GST cost per night. Please note that as a Non-Member using our Resort, you DO NOT have the privilege of daily guests and/or visitors.

For information on reservation availability, please call our office (403) 845-2145 or email reservations here.

If you were interested in making a reservation, we only accept reservations via phone. We will need a one-night deposit of $95 + GST paid by Mastercard or Visa. We also require your name, address, phone number and email.

Need to Cancel? If you need to cancel your CAMPSITE reservation please call 403-845-2145 or email See specific details below. *Please note that the CABIN cancellation policy is quite different, and the information below would not apply to cancelling CABINS.

A. Cancellation Policy for CAMPSITES:
• 1A. Reservations during Peak season (June 15 - September 14): We require 30 days notice to refund your deposit; less the cancellation fee of $20 + tax (per reservation cancelled).
• 2A. Reservations during Shoulder seasons (March 1 - June 14 & September 15 - October 11 & December 20 - January 2): 2 weeks’ notice (14 days) is required to refund your deposit; less the cancellation fee of $20 + tax (per reservation cancelled)
• 3A. Reservations during Off Peak seasons (October 12 - December 19 & January 3 - February 29): 2 weeks’ notice (14 days) is required to refund your deposit; less the cancellation fee of $20 + tax (per reservation cancelled)
• 4A. No refunds will be issued for an early check-out.
• 5A. If no notice of cancellation is given, a maximum 3 nights stay will be charged.
• 6A. Changing the name under the reservation would be subject to a change fee of $20 + tax. The name of the reservation must match the ID of the guest upon arrival. Reservations booked by a Member do not have to pay the change fee to change the name.
• 7A. Transferring the deposit to new dates is not permitted. The deposit is permanently attached to this reservation.
• 8A. Transferring your reservation to someone else: If you can find someone to take over your reservation you must contact us at least 24 hours in advance to make the changes. We will need the replacement person’s Name, Address, Phone number, and Email address. It is up to you to recover the deposit you paid us, from the person taking over your reservation. A change fee of $20 + tax would apply to the person taking over your reservation as we need to collect their credit card information.

•9A. Need to reduce your CAMPSITE stay? A reduction of days is permitted with 1 week’s notice prior to your current reservation date, maximum 2 nights reduction. A change fee of $20 + tax would apply to members and non-members alike. Guests reducing the number of nights on- or after the start date of their reservation will still be responsible for the total stay amount quoted on this confirmation email (Maximum 3 nights stay will be charged).

RE: COVID-19: It is up to each individual camper/guest to ensure they are following the Government rules & regulations regarding the COVID-19 virus.

Non-Member booking begins February 1st of the current year (Unless it's a Sunday). We take reservations by phone only.

**Member bookings begin on the first business day of the year that the booking applies**